Monday, June 18, 2018

A "forced love-in" at Druid Hill Park at Baltimore Pride

Sunday afternoon, albeit a bit late, I got to the Baltimore Pride festival at Druid Hill Park. This year you had to drive around the perimeter of the park (off 28th St, off, I-83) past the conservatory and enter near the zoo. Parking was $10 as always.

The crowd, relative to the block party Saturday, was more “radical” perhaps.

The best exhibit came from Elder Pride, which had a long mural of gay history (see my retirement blog).

Then on the main stage, Rayceen (I believe it was her) had a love-in.  She demanded everyone seated in the amphitheater stand and kept after everyone until the stood up. Then watch what happens.

This is coercion!  But, like Better Angels, we’re seeing a lot more emphasis on getting people to interact interpersonally across cultural divides.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Baltimore Pride 2018, farther north on Charles Street

I did not attend Baltimore LGBT Pride in 2017, and in 2018 I found the format changed.

Now the block party is a kind of street festival for vendors, with two stages, one facing away from North Street (US 1) along Charles, the other a couple blocks up. The exhibits run from from 20th to 23rd St.

The Baltimore Eagle is just north of the first stage, on the west side of Charles St, and seems to be in a new or renovated brick building, with two levels.  There was a line to get in Saturday afternoon, which eventually dissipated.  I got in around 5:30 PM for a $5 cover. There were multiple rooms downstairs, a corridor to a stairway to an outdoor deck, which led to another bar and a dance color.

On the dance floor, the male audience tended to self-segregate.  The preppie crowd tended to separate from the “bears and bellies”.  Is this gay tribalism?
I tried to go to the Wet After Party at the downtown Cultural Arts Center on Howard St at 10 PM but it did not open in time because of an “issue inside” so I came home.

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Pentagon struggles to celebrate Pride despite Trump's transgender issue

Orin Hatch has attracted praise for his reversal on LGBTQ “rights”, as in this story   Hatch, of course, is a Mormon and his turnaround has taken a long time.

 And the Pentagon held its own DOS Pride in an environment of trying to deal with Trump’s attempted transgender ban, Blade story by Christ Johnson here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

What about "toxic gay masculinity"?

Here’s a story on “The Establishment” about “toxic gay masculinity”, link

Are hypothetical preferences for “cis males” (especially white) a problem when widely held in the more established white male gay community?

I would rather disagree with the generalization of gay men seeing “blacks” and “Latinos” as masculine and seeing Asians as feminine.  The character Paul (the Japanese-ancestry baseball pitcher from Days of our Lives) blows away the second stereotype. And Silicon Valley, rumor has it, is largely ruled by Asian men.

But among white males there’s another marker that doesn’t differentiate MOC as it does many Caucasians (including men from the Middle East and India). That is, a lot of variation in male body hair, probably because of evolution in colder climates (and “reverse minoxidil” to turn off body response to androgens didn’t develop in Europeans much). People don’t talk about it a lot, but they definitely notice. 

But in general, as for dating, most men (especially white) have tended to look for other cis men and pretty much ignored the fluidity issue.

I note that a number of videos on YouTube purporting to show medical exams and massages seem to be exercises in showing desirable, often very cis, bodies and the palpitation thereof. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Capital PrideFest benefits from cool weather, rains hold off; people more radical than at the parade

It remained cloudy and relatively comfortable, and the heavy rains stayed to the west on Sunday, as Capital Pride held its street festival without a hitch. 

I got there about 2 PM. 

The crowd was more radical, with some obvious gender fluidity and body shaving and tattoos, especially with the people walking around after I had just arrived  -- than it had been for the Pride march Saturday, which was a lot more macho (as was the bar).

Generally, I haven’t seen tattoos in the male gay community as frequently as the population as whole (except for a short period Sunday).  People who use tattoos often would not be viewed as attractive by earlier standards of attractive common in my own young adulthood. In fact, a wife of a good friend in the early seventies had wanted me to go full hog with body art and beads and hippy stuff, since I couldn’t compete with other men “normally”.  (“Hogg”, by the way, looks very clean cut, very cis.)

I fact, I encountered one person from the Cobalt the night before on the way to the Nat’s game, which was held to 4:05 PM to accommodate Pride.  The Nats, even with Scherzer pitching, got shut out. (By the way, I missed gay night at the Nats Park Tuesday this year because that was the day I returned from Texas.)

I attended both alcohol bullpens (but only one beer).  The lines were not long. The second bullpen, near the Newseum on the north side of PA avenue., featured the dance floor, which was very crowded and largely minority.  The fogging machine ran often, and you could see the pipes.  At least one tech celebrity was there.
 It's worthy of note that the CIA and law enforcement agencies advertised at Fest, as in the past few years. 

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Capital Pride 2018 offers four-hour parade, longest ever; storms hold off

\Capital Pride 2018 offered a parade longer than any other in history for Washington DC, not ending until 8:25 PM, four hours, at least an hour longer than before. 

The thunderstorms held off to the Northeast for the whole parade.

JR’s did not hold its customary outdoor block party, perhaps because of the length of the parade.

Afterwards, the upstairs Pride dance at Cobalt started at 9 PM as usual, about three hours earlier than for most Saturday nights.

The Nationals had started their game early (at 12:05) to accommodate Pride and had won.

David Hogg reportedly was a star at Pride in Boston.  Check his twitter feed  DavidHogg111 for pictures. 

Saturday, June 09, 2018

Women's jazz concert at Arlington VA bar helps kick off DC Pride

Women’s jazz group performed at Freddie’s Beach Bar in Arlington VA on Friday, June 8, as Gay Pride weekend starts.  The improvised saxophone solo reminded me of Bill Clinton’s performances.

There is a threat of intermittent rain and storms, possibly heavy today, on the parade today, on the outdoor bar at JR’s, and on the festival Sunday.

The Washington Nationals start their home games early on Pride Saturday (at 12:05 PM), to allow fans to be able to attend the parade, which starts at 4:30. 
The Capitals have their Stanley Cup parade in DC on Tuesday, June 12.  They held a “one-run lead in the bottom of the ninth” in Las Vegas (where Bryce Harper grew up).