Saturday, August 12, 2017

More LGBT asylum seekers from Central America; transgender military ban halted by North Korean situation

The Washington Blade, in a story by Michael J. Lavers,  is reporting the entry of at least sixteen LGBT (some are trans) asylum seekers from Central America who came through Mexico and arrived at the border at Nogales.  It is not clear yet how they will be assisted, whether they would go to detention or be housed somewhere.  It’s not completely clear yet if Trump’s various EO’s matter. This blog had discussed the idea of parole form detention here April 1.

The Blade also reports (story by Karen Ocamb)  that the implementation of Trump’s tweeted transgender ban in the military has been put on hold because of “the threat of nuclear war with North Korea”.  On July 29, I had written a Wordpress blog posting suggesting that Trump’s transgender ban could make him look bad in facing North Korea.  Trump had written his notorious tweet two days before DPRK’s second ICBM test and I wrote this blog posting a couple more days after.  

Jennifer Williams, a "trans Republican" has a perspective on the trans ban here (published by Log Cabin Republicans). 

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Baltimore Transgender Alliance creates a hosting network for homeless trans

The Baltimore Transgender Alliance has created a group called HostHome, a “network of guests, hosts and patrons”, according to a story by Steve Charing in the Washington Blade here. 

The group apparently has some interest in raising money for group homes.  Apparently there are individual hosts, but it was not clear from the article that it asks for hosts, by comparison with DC Center Global and asylum seekers.

Here’s the group’s Facebook page

The Baltimore Sun has hosted one of the group’s podcasts, here

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Trump instructs on transgender attrition from military; Outwrite Book Fair in Washington DC

The Trump administration has passed some guidance down on transgender soldiers, saying they will not be allowed to reenlist, and officers must leave when their commissions expire. Lambda Legal has announced it is about to file legal action, as in this story today

Rumors about this outcome were circulating today as I attended the 2017 Outwrite LGBT Book Fair at the DC Center in Washington DC.  I’ve given some details on my Book Reviews blog today.  Transgender-related (and gender fluidity themes seemed more in evidence this year than last, when I had an exhibit with my “Do Ask Do Tell” series.  Yet, culturally, the transgender and fluid community circulates rather separately from the cis-male world of a lot of dance floors (so it seemed last night at Town).

I believe that Center Global would have held its monthly meeting at noon (I was there around 1 PM) but there was not discussion while I was there of asylum and hosting  I have not been able to work out a plan to assist with that so far this year, and may sell my inherited trust house, as I have explained on other posts.  This year, I did not set up a table for my “Do Ask Do Tell” books as I had in 2016.
Canada has started accepted refugees from Chechnya (maybe these are really asylum seekers), story.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Former CEO of Rentboy gets 6 months in prison; judge noted he had done good works with his illegal income

Jeffrey Hurant, former CEO of “”  (link is for legal defense fund; the site no longer operates and domain name is for sale), has been sentenced to six months in prison in federal court in Brooklyn, for promoting prostitution.  But the judge admitted, in somewhat libertarian fashion, that Hurant had done considerable good for the gay community in fighting AIDS and HIV with safe-sex education and had often cooperated with law enforcement in other matters.

Here' is the CBS News story

The story reminds one of the controversy over Backpage, which has been used in heterosexual trafficking.  Bills in Congress (reported on my BillBoushka blog yesterday) could make websites and web service providers share more downstream liability, carving out Section 230 exceptions.  This could indirectly affect amateur reporting on gay issues like everything else.

Milo Yiannopoulos has reported a brutal beating of white teens in Quincy MA which was filmed on a cellphone without a 911 call.  This might be a gay bashing.  Here is his link. I have sent this story on to ABC7News. 

Monday, July 31, 2017

Conversation about LGBT asylum seekers; day trip into gay Trumpland

Sunday night I did enjoy a salmon dinner at Freddie’s, a regular AGLA social event.  I did have a conversation with someone who told me he was interning at DC Center, and his duties included working with Center Global.

I did say that I considered hosting in am inherited Arlington VA home, but that in the suburban circumstances more removed from regular volunteer help in DC (like around Logan Circle, etc), anyone would probably become a dependent.  There are legal questions as to a host’s responsibilities and possible liabilities, which need to be looked at first; and a private meeting that could have adequately explored these has never taken place.  A new call for hosts was linked here July 19.

I am in the process of considering selling the inherited trust house, so right now my own participation in hosting is not possible.

Today, I made a day trip to Solomon’s Island and had lunch at the Kingfishers  which I had heard about at AGLA.  The town appeared to have some LGBT residents and homeowners, but yet was conservative.  After lunch, I drove around and I met an older woman near the museum and got into a conversation about Trump right after my iPhone beeped Scaramucci’s firing.  She supported Trump, and felt that Obama had let North Korea build its missles right under his nose.  

Friday, July 28, 2017

Sessions and DOJ exclude GLBT protection from Civil Rights Act in 2nd Circuit arguments

The Department of Justice, under beleaguered Attorney General Jeff Sessions, has told the 2nd Circuit that Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act only protects individuals in most employment and housing issues from discrimination because of biological gender, not sexual orientation.  That is in conflict with guidance from the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission under Obama’s leadership.
Larry Neumeister has an AP Story in the Washington Post here

We will hear the old canard that the DOJ is applying the letter of the law, Gorsuch-like.  Perhaps.  And the case would appear to apply to so-called “religious freedom” laws, as well as bathroom bills and some public school issues. 

Actually, you could make a logical case that the law applies to transgender if you accept the idea that transgender has a biological basis (which is almost certainly true). 

But on the religious freedom bills, we’re left back to wondering what religious employers or churches really want to accomplish with their discrimination, beyond the shallow arguments about textual literalism (or for Catholics, protecting a celibate priesthood under attack from all the abuse cases).  It seems to have something to do with a fear that men are getting less interested in getting married and having children at all.  That sounds like what Putin fears. Try this article

But if the courts agree with Sessions, there can be more pressure in Congress to resume debate on ENDA.

HRC's account is here

In other news, Lambda Legal and Outserve-SLDN say they will sue if the Pentagon starts to discharge existing transgender service members.  I have a feeling that the only action taken by the Pentagon may be to stop paying for sexual reassignment treatment, but even that might get challenged legally.  

Thursday, July 27, 2017

AGLA and SAGE sponsor information forum in Arlington VA for on housing for gay seniors

Arlington Gay and Lesbian Alliance an SAGE, Advocacy and Services for LGBT Elders, sponsored an information forum at the Arlington Mill community center on Columbia Pike Wednesday night, July 26.

The presenter, a PhD (I didn’t get the name) went over all the terminology, especially for transgender, fluid, and intersex. 

She also went over what gay life was life pre-Stonewall and said younger gay adults (as in the discos) had no clue as to the sacrifices that had preceded them. 


There was a general impression in the audience, and especially in the remarks from Bruce Hightower, that outside the Beltway and a few large cities, LGBT seniors tend to hide when living in senior centers and are at best ignored as to their social needs.  The presenter talked about setting up communal housing spaces in about 15 cities, many in the Midwest and south.  She said there were more proportionally more families raising children headed by older same-sex couples in the South than in other parts of the country.