Wednesday, January 17, 2018

A once-a-week HIV pill may work, both for prevention and control of early infection

Medical laboratory researchers at MIT and at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston have developed a pill that would allow HIV prophylaxis to be releases slowly for a whole week.

The MIT story is here;  the LGBTQ Nation story is here.   It appears that the technique is useful for both prevention and control of infection. The pill components can attach to the wall of the stomach in an unusual way.

There will be the issue of cost and whether insurance would cover it after Obamacare repeal/replacement.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Baltimore has a shelter for asylum seekers; same-sex marriage may matter in Mexican asylum case

DC Center Global advises that there is now a small shelter for asylum seekers near Baltimore, in Pikesville, as reported by the Baltimore Sun, here. The story reports on volunteer efforts MLK day.

The shelter does not necessarily emphasize LGBT seekers. 
It’s not clear yet how it is seeking funding or whether it will work with groups in DC.  But this is progress.

Picture is from Sandtown, April 2015.


The Washington Blade and Chris Johnson report Ninth Circuit intervention to stop a deportation of a gay asylum seeker to Mexico who allegedly missed a court date.  The fact pattern is very complicated and is given in the story. The narrative, which is quite lengthy as to the time spanned, invokes the issue that a marital partner can try to get a green card for a spouse (doesn't always work).  But it could also lead to situations where marriages happen just for that motive.  There seems to be another case int he 4th Circuit (no details available).

Asylum Seeker Assistance Project DC website is active and now has an email list, basic link.  Expect more news to follow. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

HRC and the MLK National Day of Service

Today, I did my quasi-mandatory “National Day of Service” for HRC at the Wanda Alston Foundation in Washington DC.

It was short, some deep cleaning.  I did some cupboards and the gas stove.  This was like KP in the Army. 
There were a lot of people there, maybe more bodies than needed.

But a residential house housing homeless teens/young adults does need to be kept immaculate, to hotel standards.
Then I went to a Congressman’s town hall in Alexandria, and linked gay rights to national security (from the attempted transgender ban to North Korea).

Trump did no community service MLK Day.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Chelsea Manning apparently will run for Maryland Senate

Chelsea Manning has filed to run for the US Senate from Maryland, as in the CNN story.  Manning had obtained a pardon from Obama before he left office after seven years of confinement. 

I had considered running for the Libertarian Party for a Minnesota Senate seat in 2000. 

I celebrated my own New Year’s last night at Town DC, on an unseasonably warm evening where “everybody showed up”.  

In another matter, "Rightwing watch" has an article claiming religious right activist Max Staver has claimed that gays shouldn't serve as judges because Christians wouldn't get a fair shake in court, story. In 2013, Tracy Thorne (a former Navy pilot known from the debate over gays in the military  in the 1990s) was sworn in as Virginia's first openly gay judge (story).

Staver has also commented on a case in Oregon that somewhat parallels Masterpiece Cakeshop, VCY article

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Gay marriage today is for personal satisfaction; in the past, straight marriage was a necessary adaptation

Here’s a piece on Vox that to me looks relevant to same-sex couples, an interview by Sean Illing with Eli Finkel, author of “The All-or-Nothing Marriage: How the Best Marriages Work”. 

He mentions the movie “Jerry Maguire” (1996) where Tom Cruise plays the sports agent sweeping in Rene Zellweger.

But what is most interesting is how Finkel mentions that in earlier times it was risky to row through adult life without getting married (heterosexually).  You needed to be competent in heterosexual sexual intercourse to get other things you needed.  I think that helps explain the “homophobia” of the 1950s and early 60s.   Young men were more concerned that gays (as “watchers”) in their midst could distract them from their own fecundity than about men who could become conventional heterosexual romantic rivals.

“The Milo Show” now has an article about someone being called a bigot merely for refusing to date or share intimacies with a transgender person, here

I have a coordinate post on blood and organ donations on my “BillBoushka” blog today. 

Monday, January 08, 2018

Supreme Court dismisses Mississippi religious freedom case out of lack of standing

The Supreme Court has refused to hear a case from Mississippi, about a law that allows businesses to refuse services to LGBT people on religious or other belief grounds (like gender is immutable),  The case was dismissed for lack of standing.

Greg Stohr has the Bloomberg story

It sounds like this is more about public accommodations taking all comers than about specialized expression.

Marian Tupy offers a libertarian analysis of the Makepiece case on Rick Sincere’s blog (which has a style resembling mine but a lot of guest posts lately). 

Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Transgender troops start enlisting again, and military intelligence needs them

Transgender troops have started enlisting in the military today, according to some sources, in small numbers, as the DOJ was rebuffed in appealing a court order.  Talking Points had a story today

But the DOJ said it was doing another independent study, which sounds a lot like punting in football.
But Trump and Sessions (and Mattis) don’t see cis gays in the military as controversial any more.

The Pentagon is mostly preoccupied with intelligence on North Korea, Iran, and the remnants of ISIS. Even Chelsea Manning notwithstanding, the presence of culturally diverse troops improves the chances of getting all the needed intelligence. 
Contrary to rumors, the Pentagon doesn’t seem busier late at night on weekends than usual.

Update: Jan. 11

The Russian media has jumped on Trump's attempted transgender military ban for propaganda purposes, as in this article.