Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Update on VA Marshall-Newman same-sex marriage amendment polls

Chris L. Jenkis, The Washington Post, writes on Tues. Oct 17, 2006, that 53% of Virginia voters back the constitutional amendment (the Marshall-Newman amendment) to the Virginia Bill of Rights, that would limit marriage to a legal arrangement between one biological man and one woman, ban civil unions, and refuse to recognize relationships intended to approximate marriage. But in Northern Virignia counties (probably just Arlington, Fairfax and Loudon), voters reject the amendment 55 to 42. The total sample size was 1004. Arlington is probably the most liberal of these counties, and is likely to vote No heavily.

Other states with similar proposals are Arizona, Idaho, South Carolina, South Dakota, and Wisconsin. Tennessee has an amendment limited to marriage definition only, and Colorado offers domestic partnerships separately. It is reported that in Wisconsin there is a good chance that the amendment can be defeated.

Somehow this all brings to mind Washinton Blade editor Chris Crain's March 2004 editorial (before the federal amendment debate, which failed that summer), "Piddle, Twiddle and Resolve." Remember the sorry debate in the Senate, when Santorum spoke, and then Diane Feinstein stated that they were spending hours on gay marriage when they hadn't passed any much more pressing legislation. During the intermissions, C-SPAN played the first movement of the Bruckner Symphone #5 in B-flat, giving the whole debate a pompous resolution.

The local "conservative" newspaper, The Washington Times, always puts the word "marriage" in quotes when following the parole "gay." That is, the newspaper always prints it as -- gay "marriage" ---.

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