Monday, December 04, 2006

MD: same-sex marriage law (anti) before state Court of Appeals

An article in The Washington Post by Mary Otto, "As Md. Court Weighs Same-Sex Marriage, Plaintiffs Hear Echoes of Previous Fight," Dec 4, 2006, in the Metro section (link here)
continues a debate that we have heard, and that has indirect ramifications in other areas. We have already covered the passage of the Marshall-Newman Amendment in Virginia.

The case is before the Court of Appeals in Annapolis, and according to the story, this is the state supreme court.

In Januaray a Baltimore judge ruled that tradition alone cannot create a state interest that counters equal protection. (It's interesting; I remember a sermon at the Crystal Cathedral in California about the importance of "tradition".) However Donald H. Dwyer, Jr. (R) wants to introduce a constitutional amendment in Maryland, and fears that same sex marriage will cause homosexuality to be taught in public schools as a normal lifestyle. So the basic existential debate continues.

Also, there is a story about homosexuality in the Muslim world. Negar Azimi, "Prisoners of Sex: In Egypt and across the Arab world, homosexuality is becoming a political issue. But as gay people become more visible, they could wind up even less free." The New York Times Magazine, Dec 4, 2006, p. 63. The article maintains that the Koran is ambiguous on homosexuality when read literally. However, there have been many busts in Egypt, with the police encouraging antigay violence, and in Saudi Arabia the government wanted to give hormone treatments to people arrested at a "gay wedding."

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