Friday, February 09, 2007

MD: 6 Montgomery County schools selected to present sexual orientation to students in high school and middle school

Daniel de Vise has a story in the Metro section of The Washington Post, Feb. 9, 2007, here, that six middle and high schools have been selected in Montgomery County, MD, NW of Washington DC, to present increased sex education including topics on sexual orientation and homosexuality to students. Parents have the right to opt out. The earlier program had been set aside in court.

Last year, I participated in a face-off debate in an "Opposing Viewpoints" series on the controversy about presenting homosexuality in high schools only, review here. My blogger entry is here (look for Sept. 19). My "opponent" in that book views homosexuality as an existential character disorder that precludes the idea that gay male teachers, in particular, can ever act as authority figures or "role models" in a school system, where it is understood that some kids need some continual in loco parentis supervision.

One underlying issue is that students will be able to find information anyway on their own, especially on the Internet. Teachers may well have a First Amendment right to publish materials on their own under their own name on the Internet or blogs, and students may well find it with search engines. This possibility would certainly lead to potential legal controversies.

Other news:
Here is a new blog "Gay Equality and the Law"


On March 7, 2007, The Washington Post, Daniel de Vise had an article, "Montgomery Starts Sex-Ed Pilot Program," at this link. It started with a health teacher at Argyle Middle School in Silver Spring, MD. It was not immediately clear whether the class was separated by gender (health often is, as it is often taught with physical education).

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