Friday, July 13, 2007

Washington DC: Even in Dupont Circle area, construction seems to jeopardize businesses

Tonight I was at the Apex-DC club on 23rd St in NW Washington DC when it suddenly had to close at 11:30 PM because of no water. They claimed there was construction nearby and that water pressure would not resume until 5 AM. Other businesses seemed to be affected. They had not expected a disruption. As I walked to the 23rd St Metro, I noticed, on 22nd St, a fire hydrant open at O st, a huge WASA construction hole in front of the Marriot, and another dig at N St. It appeared that this was construction associated with condo and office construction and not a water main break. Does that mean that a whole block of businesses several blocks away can be shut for the evening for one or two property owners? Is this what eminent domain means?

Apex-DC did refund the cover charges to the patrons. Business was slow, but typically that club gets busier around midnight on weekends.

Maybe someone in the area can comment.

The controversy over disruption of businesses dislocated by the Nationals Stadium has already been covered in this blog.

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