Friday, August 31, 2007

IA: Same-sex marriage ban struck down by state district court

In the case Varnum v. Brien, state district court has ruled that Iowa's law banning marriage for same-sex couples is unconstitutional given provisions in the Iowa constitution for equal protection of the law. Brien is the Polk County recorder.

The couples are Kate 34 and Trish Varnum 42; David Twombley 66 and Larry Hoch 65; Dawn 39 and Jen BarbouRoske 37; Ingrid Olson 29 and Rita Evans 37; Jason Morgan 37 and Chuck Swaggerty 35; Bill Mussler and Otter Dreaming 50.

The Lambda Legal Defense and Education Fund LLDEF link is this. A detailed history is at this link.

Polk County is in the middle of the state, and includes the largest city Des Moines, about 200 miles south of Minneapolis on I-35. This is the first same-sex marriage "win" in the midwest.

According to CNN, Sean Fritz and Tim McQuillan got a wedding license, and some dozen more were waiting to apply with the reporter, under a stay was issued pending appeal to the Iowa Supreme Court. Story.

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