Monday, February 04, 2008

MD GLBT issues in public school curricula

Television station WJLA reported today that a judge has approve the plans in Montgomery County, MD (next to Washington DC) to include information about contraceptives and about sexual orientation in some middle school and high school health curricula. The news link was not there yet. The most recent story on WJLA is from July 2007, here.

Here is a link from July 4, 2007 (p B06) in The Washington Post, by Daniel De Vise, "Md. State Board Approves County's Sex-Ed Curriculum," URL here.

The New York Times link from Aug. 15, 2007 by Diana Jean Scemo, "On Education
Lessons on Homosexuality Move Into the Classroom," is here.

NBC4 offers a video on the school board hearings from Jan. 2007, here.

I have a published contribution in the "Opposing Viewpoints" series, discussed here.

Update: Feb. 5, 2008

There is a story on WJLA about an email that supposedly "outs" choir members in an African American church, here.

Update: Feb. 28, 2008

In Loudoun County, VA, the book "And Tango Makes Three" was returned to a school library. The controversy was about the fact that it depicted two male penguins raising a baby, which happens in nature (males incubate the eggs, as in the movie "March of the Penguins"). The NBC4 story is here.

See also March 5, 2008 on this blog for a posting about California SB 777.

March 7, 2008

Megan Greenwell has a story "Sex-Ed Curriculum's Opponents Won't Appeal," p B05 of the Washington Post, Metro, Montgomery County MD news, here. The opposition group was called "Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum." There had been objection to teaching the "theory" that sexual orientation is immutable because it has not been proven as fact.

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