Thursday, March 13, 2008

ENDA and blogs; what about salesmen who pamper the "conventional" world?

Just a quick note about the “philosophy” of ENDA (Employment Non-Discrimination Act, as a bill.) Many jobs, even outside of the religious areas (as exempted in ENDA) require selling to people or manipulating them, and sometimes “schmoozing” or pampering the socially supported “values” of some conventionally married people.

There may be some gay individuals, especially older gay individuals who lived a “separate life” for decades, who find the idea of behaving this way offputting, to say the least. Why should I support the values of someone else that I did not “live up to” myself (procreation, and the idea that parenthood gives you adult validity as a person). I didn’t experience that, so it is hard for me to pander to someone that did. Okay, someone like Philip Longman says, I am too “self-absorbed” to have a family and have children. Okay. James McNight, in his 1993 book "Gay Issues in the Workplace," had used the term "heterosexism."

Then, there is the idea that employers are now trolling the Internet to do “background investigations.” You can imagine where I can go with this (first of all, in the military). I’ve covered this on other blogs. But you can imagine this blossoming into “don’t ask don’t tell” in most civilian occupations (teachers, for example).

It will take a lot of thought to make ENDA work.

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