Thursday, March 06, 2008

NY courts sometimes recognize out-of-state gay marriages

The New York Times, on p. C13 in print in the New York Report today, Thursday, March 6 2008, ran a story by Anemona Hartocollis, "It's not state law, but gay marriage gains recognition in New York courts." The Times online story is called "Gay Marriage Gains Notice in State Court," and the link is here.

The story indicates that some New York state courts are recognizing gay marriages performed in other jurisdictions, particularly Canada. A Manhattan court heard a divorce proceeding for two women married in Canada and raising two young children.

In 2006, the New York state supreme court had refused to follow Massachusetts and recognize gay marriage. Only Massachusetts recognizes gay marriage, but the measure is before state supreme courts in California and Connecticut. New Jersey has legislated a civil union law that practically grants marital rights in responsibilities in all but terminology, and the Maryland legislature is considering the same. The Virginia electorate passed a very strong anti-same-sex marriage and anti-civil-union state constitutional amendment (Marshall-Newman) in the 2006 election, ironically as part of the "Virginia Bill of Rights".

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