Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Office of Special Council failed to enforce anti-discrimination laws, protect whistleblowers.

Washington DC ABC affiliate WJLA Channel 7 reported today that the FBI raided the office of U.S. Special Councel Scott Bloch on allegations of deliberately violating the federal whistleblower law regarding federal employees. Bloch has also been accused of failing to enforce Civil Service rules against discrimination against federal employees for sexual orientation, in effect since 1973.

Computers and materials were taken both from Bloch’s office and from his home in suburban Virginia. The story was carried on WJLA during the noon break today. The official charge could be obstruction of justice.

The story is titled “Special Counsel’s Office Raided Amid Obstruction Probe” and the link is here.

Here is a link on the whistleblower law for federal employees.

Here is a reference from Questia on the history of GLBT employees in civil service since the Cold War, link here.

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