Saturday, July 26, 2008

TownDC will have talent show: what will people do for a short term "job" in tougher times?

Well, I was at the Town DC last night, and the “drag show” announced a talent contest for Friday Aug. 1. The club said there was an opportunity to earn $1000, and there was some requirement to bring twenty other people. It wasn’t clear from the announcement of the club was paying the money, or if that included tips and prizes. But, “she” said, if you can dance and sing and dress up, by all means enter. Anyone.

So, I guess, in tough economic times, if you are willing to bend those genders and perhaps undergo the Steve Carell treatment beforehand, you could make some money. Perhaps the show includes re-enacting that infamous man-o-lantern scene from “The Forty Year Old Virgin”.

Or, perhaps, the drag show could become a spoof on Saturday Night Live. Could someone perform a more wholesome emulation, perhaps of Lance Bass.

The Club is in the U-street – Cardoza section of Washington DC, not far from the Lincoln Theater in one direction and Howard University in another, north of the Shaw neighborhood. It replaces the Velvet Nation which was lost to real estate development associated with the new Nationals Park in Anacostia.

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