Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ellen hosts Hillary Clinton; discuss gay marriage, ending DADT

Today, the day after Hillary Clinton’s speech at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, Ellen DeGeneres hosted Hillary Clinton in a show from Columbus Circle in New York. OK, it seemed to be a repeat, because from the conversation on the show, Hillary hadn’t “lost” yet.

They made some jokes about Ellen’s running for President in some future campaign, even to the point of designing some T-shirts. Ellen's seemed to have the branches of the federal government mixed up with the branches of the government of colonial Williamsburg in the 18th Century (they explain how that was pretty well in the Old Capitol tour).

Ellen said, “I’m gay” and Hillary answered back with something like “You’re happy”. They had the discussion about gay marriage, and Hillary spoke for equal rights under “civil unions” (then why not marriage?). Hillary spoke for the idea that the issue should be left to the states, because so are other issues regarding “marriage.”

Hillary also spoke up for ending “don’t ask don’t tell” for ending the idea that gay people have to hide who they are to serve in the military. By then, everyone had forgotten about the interesting question that Ellen could pose by running for president. Well, if she won, not only would she be the first female and first lesbian president (we’re not sure about the men – what about James Buchanan?), she would be Commander in Chief of the military with “don’t ask don’t tell” unless it’s repealed. Sounds like a “conflict of interest.”

They went down to the Flame Diner. I presume that’s the restaurant on 57th Street, not the nearby Olympic Flame. I don’t know which Flame ‘The Breakfast Blog” refers to as the “Red Flame Diner” (link).

Picture: Julius's, in Greenwich Village, in a historic building dating to the 19th Century (but rebuilt).

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