Saturday, August 02, 2008

Town DC has talent show #2: MC shows how to discipline a booer

Last night, the Town DC (at 8th and U Sts NW Washington) did hold its talent show, hosted by drag queen Tony Moran. Now, it seems, this is a monthly event, the first Friday of every month, and this is talent show 2. The club’s Myspace page “Thistownhastalent” seems to have expired.

The downstairs floor was pretty well packed as the show started about 10:15. There were about 8 contestants, and four judges. There was no Ryan Seacrest (“my job is to make pop stars: that’s how I make my money) and no Simon Cowell. There was no voting by text message; the judges picked the three finalists, and the audience picked the winner on applause vote.

The second performer, a male African American singer with genuine professional voice talent, finished in finalists but was not chosen. There was a guitarist, who would lose his shirt. A highlight was a pantomime of an aria from Puccini’s La Boheme (an aria you usually hear on Smallville in scenes involving Lex or Lionel Luthor). There was a vigorous dance that came in 2. But the winner was an old-fashioned drag pop pantomime.

But the highlight of the evening was provided by Tony’s “classroom management” skills. A guy booed one of the performers. Tony says, “we don’t boo here.” Soon, “for that, I think you need to take your shirt off.” She helps him unveil and soon we see, well, nothing. That became her point.

The contest was all done by about 11:30. Upstairs, it was business as usual. Disco music always seems to be in quadruple time, and doesn’t adjust to changing meters and heavy syncopation of modern settings of folk dance music. Yet, disco could be adapted to concert performance. There is a certain ritual to The Dance, that has a certain meaning. Some values that we grew up, that may oppress us, really have meaning to us after all.

Pix are in development. Here they are:

Tony and the finalists:

The judges:

The three finalists:

The contest winner, according to audience applause:

In my opinion, the best voice talent with respect to musicianship:

The "teacher" installs classroom "discipline" -- look toward the back of the picture; I didn't take it quickly enough

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