Monday, September 01, 2008

Town DC holds "Pride" fundraiser for Barack Obama

Last night (Sunday Aug. 31), Obama Pride (link) held a furndraiser at the Town DC disco at 8th and U Streets, NW in Washington DC, to support the presidential bid by Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama, along with vice-presidential nominee Joseph Biden.

"Pride Barack Obama" has an issue fact sheet on GLBT issues. Obama favors repeal of "don't ask don't tell" and opposes a federal constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage. The link for the PDF issue sheet is here.

The event started at 9 PM and the crowd was well built up by 10 PM. Relatively few people used the secured parking ($15) and found parking on the street in a the Howard University area. There was a brief drag show downstairs at 11 PM, lasting less than thirty minutes.

The cost before 11 PM was just $10 and we had to sign donation forms to comply with campaign finance law. It appeared that people 18-21 were admitted.

The upstairs dance floor sported some new laser lighting, which may have been related to the campaign. The lighting seemed to concentrate on red and blue colors. On a Sunday night on a holiday weekend, the floor was pretty packed and lively by midnight. The crowd seemed larger than I would have expected, but some people may not have gone to Reboboth Beach because of the disruption caused by Bay Bridge repairs. The “puffy chair” lounge at the front of the upstairs was pretty full, too.

I’ve noticed something consistently at gay discos, and not just in Minneapolis before, where I might have expected it. A larger portion of men than statistically likely are very tall (over 6’ 4”). Is there a possible genetic correlation between tallness and some other conditions that make homosexual orientation in men more likely? Has there ever been a study like this? I don’t recall this in Chandler Burr’s work (“A Separate Creation” and the 1993 Atlantic article “Homosexuality and Biology”) mentioning this, although he did a lot of discussion of left-handedness. (A large percentage of US presidents have been left-handed.)

Second picture: from earlier event ("talent show") at Town DC Aug. 1

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