Wednesday, December 10, 2008

"Million Gay March": maybe a big DC event in 2009?

There is a Southern California group called the “Million Gay March” planning demonstrations, and there seems to be talk of a March on Washington in 2009. Is this in planning now?

I remember well the 1993 March, when President Clinton had proposed lifting the ban, and the crowded Washington Metro Saturday night, as well as the Washington Times overhead of the Mall the next Monday morning. I also recall the HRC rock concert at RFK stadium for the 2000 march.

The phrase does recall Louis Farrakhn’s “Million Man March” on a cold sunny Monday in October 1995 (and the Beltway signs warning “Million Man event tomorrow).

Jessie McKinley has a long article on p A22 of the Dec. 10 New York Times “Marriage Ban inspires new wave of gay rights activists”, link here.

There was also a "Day without a Gay" day today ("boycott") to demonstrate the economic clout of the gay community (the disposable income myth).

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