Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Today" show predicts controversy over gay adoption; FL gay adoption ban struck down

This morning, Sunday, Dec. 28, NBC Today (Peter Alexander reporting) did a story on gay adoptions. It presented a lesbian couple with adopted children, and maintained that the United States has about 129,000 children in foster care and only about 65,000 find adoptive homes.

The report predicted that gay parenting and adoptions will become the next battle in the cultural wars after gay marriage. A right-wing pastor was presented, maintaining that children do best in homes with married mothers and fathers of opposite biological gender.

The report says that Florida, Mississippi and Utah ban gay adoptions, but that recently there was a ruling making the Florida law unconstitutional. The Huffington Post has a story dated Nov. 25, 2008 on the ruling made by Cindy Lederman, here. She used equal protection arguments, and counter the state’s claim about a “a supposed dark cloud hovering over homes of homosexuals and their children.” The case involved Martin Gill and his partner who had cared for foster children that they now can adopt. But the state of Florida will appeal the ruling. The New York Times has a similar story by Yolanne Almanzar, also on that date, here. Rosie O'Donnell has fought the Florida gay adoption ban publicly.

Six other states, including Texas and Virginia, have entertained gay adoption bans that have died in committee.

Arkansas dropped it unmarried foster parent ban, targeting gay parents, in October 2008, "365" story here. But, according to an article by Julie Bolcer in the Jan. 13, 2009 The Advocate (p 34), voters in Arkansas approved Proposition 1, which bars unmarried cohabiting couples (gay or straight) from adopting children or caring for foster children (see this link).

The link to the Today story was not yet available on MSNBC.

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