Tuesday, January 20, 2009

CA: Companies prepare Prop 8 amicus brief

The San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, along with a number of parties, including Google and Levi Strauss, have filed an application to file amicus brief in support of petitioners for “extraordinary relief challenging the enforceability of Proposition 8”. The link is here.

Companies in the brief stated that the discriminatory aspects of Proposition 8 would ultimately be bad for business, reducing sales and hindering the future recruiting of the proper talent, even given the current economic climate.

Google's own corporate blog entry ("Supporting Equality"), dated Jan. 15, 2009, is here.

The companies note that employers could be liable for additional taxes if the Proposition holds. There is an interesting reference to Probate Code Rules and the possibility that the Proposition could be held retroactively. Also, there are ways that real estate taxes could rise.

The brief numbers 68 pages on a PDF document.

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