Sunday, January 04, 2009

Washington Times has banner headline on gay marriage fight in remaining New England states

The Washington Times, on Sunday January 4, 2009, perhaps practiced a little yellow journalism with a front page banner headline “Gay-marriage backers target New England” with a subheadline “foes brace to fight effort to create ‘equality’ zone by 2012”. The story is by Valerie Richardson and the link is here.

A group called Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) is allegedly leading the fight.

The Washington Times in the past has always used quotes: gay “marriage” when discussing this topic.

Civil unions exist in New Hampshire and Vermont. Some domestic partnership benefits exist in Maine and Rhode Island. Same-sex marriage exists in Massachusetts and Connecticut because of state supreme court decisions.

The headline on the newspaper looks funny. The Washington Times is actually supporting the gay marriage cause without realizing by giving it front burner attention, compared to everything else (like the economy and Gaza). That's like Sen. Rick Santorum's pushing of the constitutional amendment banning gay marriage in the US Senate in 2004 and it went nowhere.

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