Monday, March 23, 2009

Prop 8 donors challenge CA campaign laws, say privacy was invaded

Donors for Proposition 8 in California have filed a lawsuit in California, demanding overturning of a portion of a state campaign finance reporting law that demands releasing the names of significant donors even to referendum campaigns. The story appears Monday March 23, 2009 in The Washington Times, on the front page, and is by Valerie Richardson. The title is “Prop 8 donors sue for privacy; harassment cited in case on campaign rules”, link here. Some of the "naming names" happens on a site called "Californians Against Hate".

Politics can generate strange bedfellows. A few years ago there was a concern that federal campaign finance reform could shut down amateur political blogging for good, because of a lower court ruling. Eventually the FEC clarified the rules to “our” favor, but the problem figured into a bizarre incident in my own life in October 2005 when I was substitute teaching.

Should people be able to donate toward passing an initiative (even if we disagree with it) without identification? In this age of blogging and self-promotion, it seems that some people still value “privacy.”

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