Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Perez Hilton plays up Miss California USA "gay marriage" flap

Well, Perez Hilton seems to want to make as much of the ambiguous, equivocal answer of Miss California USA Carrie Prejean. He’s carried on with Larry King Live, and this article on “Popeater” really plays it up.

Carrie did make it sound like we can choose to live where we want to, and somehow we get to choose everything that happens to us, and that’s great – except that this is hardly true for real people.

Of course, a good question is whether a question on gay marriage was appropriate at all – should “political correctness” become a litmus test for beauty pageants. Since they’re private affairs, they can do what they want. Remember how Bert Parks used to give an oral exam to each Miss America contestant back in the 1950s. And think what political correctness meant back then. Oh, yes, Parks would then sing the saccharine, "Here she is!" How women became idols then!

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