Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tennessee school districts block access to LGBT organizations, allow ex-gay content

The ACLU has demanded that two school districts in Tennessee stop blocking information about gay political organizations while allowing material on ex-gay conversions to pass through.

The ACLU story is here.

The organizations blocked GLSEN, PFLAG and, unbelievably, HRC (Human Rights Campaign).

The link contains a secondary link to ACLU’s demand letter.

I don’t recall that such sites were blocked when I was substitute teaching in northern Virginia. I know that even my own site was not blocked (because of an incident that happened in 2005 -- I can find and trace the accesses from the school district on my server logs).

However, many school districts block Facebook, Myspace, and Blogger (maybe Wordpress) from school computers because they feel it is so hard to determine what is inappropriate content. Sometimes kids come up with schemes to get around the blocks (proxy server techniques – and that’s still another issue).

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