Friday, May 29, 2009

Mormon role in gay marriage debate questioned; DC Council vote on "external" marriage may go to referendum

The Washington Post has a couple of diverse stories on same-sex marriage today (May 29).

The story by Karl Vick is “The Mormons Are Coming: Supporters of Same-Sex Marriage Trumpet the Church’s Work Against It”, with web link here. The story talks about an ad that was rejected by some newspapers and websites as denigrating people by religion. But the group “Californians against hate” says it wants to see the Mormons go back to helping hurricane victims and get out of the political struggles where they have no legitimate stake. Some Mormons admit that it is difficult for them to take up the banner against same-sex marriage publicly with credibility. The Mormon church has faced some legal challenges in California for its Prop 8 related activities.

Tim Craig has a story in the Post Metro section today about the formation of a group in Washington DC to subject the recent City Council approval of recognition of external same-sex marriages in the District. The story has web link here. The group is called “Stand 4 Marriage D.C.” (link) (Bishop Harry Jackson) and will seek 21000 signatures by early June.

Dr. Phil says that same-sex couples raise 4% of all adopted children in the United States (about 65000) (show 1291, re-aired today).

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