Wednesday, May 13, 2009

New York State General Assembly approves gay marriage bill

A complex story by Jeremy W. Peters, posted on May 12 in the New York Times, reports that the New York State General Assembly has passed a bill that would make the Empire State the sixth to fully recognize same-sex marriage. Five Republicans supported the measure.

It’s interesting to peruse the snazzy websites of a number of organizations on both sides of the issue. All of them take the position that they have to show people how to support or oppose a social policy change by stating “simple” principles concerning an issue that has essentially become existential, challenging basic precept about the point of one’s life on both sides.

The main organization supporting gay marriage in New York State is the Empire State Pride Agenda.

An important conservative and oppositional player is New Yorkers for Constitutional Freedoms. Another anti-group is the Alliance Defense Fund, which says on its home page today that it opposes “radical anarchist group that openly advocates the use of riots and crime to further its views in favor of homosexual behavior.”

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