Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NH governor signs gay marriage law; will states have economic boomlet from same-sex marriage?

On the day that New Hampshire’s governor signed same-sex marriage into law, Newsweek writer Rachel F. Elson wrote an article about the potential mini-windfall for business in states that have legalized it, no small matter during a recession with crunched budgets (that, ironically, could cause more childless people to have to pay for parents’ care in the future). The HTML title for the article is “The Potential Gay Marriage Windfall” and the formal title is “Gay-onomics and the Marriage Debate: Despite the tough economic times, no one's talking about profiting from the legalization of same-sex weddings. Perhaps they should be.” The link is here.

The Reuters story (Andrew Manuse) about John Lynch’s signing of the bill in New Hampshire today is here.

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