Saturday, June 27, 2009

On Stonewall Day, an existential exchange on a libertarian gay listserver

Today, Saturday June 27, is said to be the 40th Anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion in New York City. In New York, Pride March would always be held the last Sunday in June, and it would first be called "Christopher Street Liberation Day" for some time.

So, today (Saturday) there was a posting on the GLIL (Gays and Lesbians for Individual Liberty) in a thread called “Canterbury is sufficiently gay” to the effect that conservatives were not always antithetical to individual gay rights, and California governor Ronald Reagan’s opposition to the Briggs Initiative (that would have banned gay teachers) in 1978 was mentioned. (I almost moved to LA at the end of 1978.)

I wrote something like this:

“I remember the CA Briggs Initiative of 1978, the news of it when I lived in NYC. I remember Reagan's opposition. I think it makes an interesting comparison to DADT today. The military can set an example (a bad one) for other areas.

“What strikes me in the past few years about the debate over "marriage" is that some people (the Maggie Gallagher crowd) feel that the social approbation that they get in their communities (and the "power" over people in their own families) helps feed the passion of marital relations -- committed over a long time "in sickness and in health" etc. They try to get out of arguments about "equality" and "justice" by saying that it's about "living in a community." And, yes, I remember well Gene's "Licensed Expired" from the 1990s.

“I’ve had some reason to "live this" and I am being forced to understand what it really means "to them." It just doesn't mean that to me.

“I ran into some of the same issues as a substitute teacher -- where I was expected to "play family" or pretend to be an "authority figure". I have no interest in being a family or political authority or power figure. (Sort of like soap operas -- Days of our Lives, etc.) Actually, the Supreme Court decision (Souter) about the Safford case in AZ Friday relates distantly to what happ ened to me as a sub -- and supports what I did (or, that is, didn't do).

“Anyway, a lot of this stuff (the writings of Roback Morse, Gallagher, etc) is hard to get until you see it and have to "live it".”

In fact, AOL took forever to show this in my “sent” queue, so I actually rewrote it from memory and sent it again.

This peculiar existential interchange occurred the day after “My Sister’s Keeper” premiered.

It does follow the tone of the forums that we used to enjoy back around 2000 on “Independent Gay Forum” (link).

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