Sunday, June 07, 2009

PlanetOut weighs in on Internet behavior and "gays"

PlanetOut has a perspsective “Are Gays Meaner Online”?, without naming personal authorship, which explores the fact that you need an Iron Man body suit to write for the web; you have to sacrifice readers to get new ones. The article mentions anonymity as one reason, but that doesn’t really apply just to gays (any longer). The link is here. This is becoming a tremendous cultural conumdrum with implications everywhere, including "online reputation defense." And Internet behavior will certainly become an important detail to be resolved in lifting "don't ask don't tell" for the military.

I get nasty comments sometimes, on occasion emailed separately, usually based on misreading something I have written. Sometimes the tone of an angry comment is that I’m an “enemy of the people” – you know how the extreme Left can think – and it seems John Stossel (the libertarian ABC news reporter) stimulates the same kind of anger with his show “You can’t even talk about that.” And my reaction to a few of these comments is “Give me a break.”

Yes, we live in a competitive society with a system that sometimes seems selfish. True. Sometimes we don’t feel the shoes that others walk in or have to take on the responsibilities that were dumped in their laps. Not everything in life is about choice and responsibility, although we wish it were so.

Also, last night, at Town DC, they DJ upstairs played “Jai Ho” (Be Victorious) from Slumdog Millionaire, although an adaptation, rather than the Pussycat Dolls version (Youtube, from Universal Music Group -- sorry, it’s not embeddable). And the “break dancing” in one case got ultimately intimate – that doesn’t happen all that often. Dev Patel was nowhere to be seen.

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