Sunday, June 21, 2009

TN lesbian challenges "paramour clause" that separates her from partner and minor children

Ellen Friedrichs of AlterNet has a column “15 Shocking Tales of how Sex Laws Are Screwing the American People,” (“in the land of the free, the freedom to express your sexuality can land you in prison) and particularly galling is #11, about a lesbian partner who was forced out of a Tennessee home because her partner had minor children.

In December 2008 a Knoxville paper reported an AP story “Divorced mother appeals to let partner stay at night”, regarding the partner of Angel Chandler, who was a divorced mother with kids. The link is here. The legal concept was called the paramour clause. Alternet writes “and now people wonder why Proposition 8 matters” (if the lesbian couple could legally marry, the clause could not apply).

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