Thursday, July 16, 2009

California judge limits college speech codes supposedly protecting LGBT people

The World Net Daily, which appears to be “conservative”, has a story by Drew Zahn “FAITH UNDER FIRE: Homosexclamation! Christian student fights prof, wins big: Judge rules college can't censor religious speech for being 'offensive.' The Los Angeles City College was reportedly ordered to remove from its sexual harassment policy a ban on speech “offensive” to gays and lesbians. The issue reminds one of the college “speech code” problem that John Stossel has sometimes covered. The link for the story is here.

The WND had a whimsical story based on “March of the Penguins” where a male couple nesting and protecting eggs was broken up by a “chick” here. It reminds one of the home-raised male cheetah in the film “Duma” that didn’t understand his wild nature until he saw a female in estrus.

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