Thursday, July 09, 2009

NBC-Washington offers sarcastic "op-ed" on gay "marriage" in Maryland

A somewhat sarcastic editorial appears on the NBCWashington (NBC4) site, dated July 1, “New Gay Marriage Thing Takes Effect in Maryland: Hint, it’s not marriage.” The link is here. There is a picture with the tag “will these gay robots ever get married in Maryland.”

Specifically, the change in the law has to do with state inheritance tax code that now will sometimes benefit some domestic partners. Read the article for details.

But Newell went out on a limb in characterizing Maryland as the “most Democratic-voting state in the nation” that should have “nine different ways for gay people .. to adopt children, including those – yours! – that haven’t even been put up for adoption!” I don’t know what Newell means by that.

Maryland governor Martin O’Malley is quoted as having said that Maryland ought to recognize gay marriages performed in other states, just like the District must according to its new law. “Full faith and credit” marches on.

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