Saturday, July 11, 2009

Town DC disco is friendly to the Washington Nationals -- who finally win one big

Well, it pays to mention the Nats at the Town DC when the Nationals actually win, which is rare. Tonight, I pulled up their 13-2 clobbering of the Houston Astros on my Blackberry, showed it to one of the drag queens, and she actually announced to the crowd, as part of the "show". The Nats are all of 26-60 now, on target to lose about 118 games this year.

But you don’t tell the drag queens that you just had your 66th birthday. That’s a good way to lose your shirt on stage.

The show goes to midnight now, and the midsummer crowd after Pride builds up more slowly. The music – it’s so much hip hop with so little melody that the dancing is much less “dirty.” Bring back the 80s, please.

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