Wednesday, September 30, 2009

DC clubs may soon not have even outdoor smoking

Guess what! The District of Columbia wants to expand its smoking ban outside, to spaces 25 feet from an establishment. That would mean that outdoor patios would no longer be available at clubs for “smokers”.

Club owners say that business dropped in 2007 when the smoking ban went into effect. What I notice is that crowds tend to take longer to build up. But some of the problems on 17th Street comes from that fact that Nellie’s and Town over in the U-street area are close enough to provide real competition.

Personally, almost everyone tells me that they like the smoke-free atmosphere. On the dance floor, it enables intimacies. (But so would an earlier last call, if people didn’t have drinks in their hands.)

Over in Arlington, at Freddie’s, I can still smell the second hand staleness of smoke sometimes, because in Virginia, as far as I know, you can still light up in bars. Just drive I-95 south of Richmond and note the companies you see.

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