Tuesday, September 01, 2009

DC may have (anti) gay marriage initiative after all

ABC affiliate WJLA in Arlington VA is reporting that same-sex marriage opponents will again try to force the gay marriage issue onto the ballot for DC voters. They plan to introduce a new measure to let D.C. voters decide the issue through an initiative.

The link is here. The story appeared at the very end of the network GMA broadcast on Sept. 1, 2009.

The Sept 2. Washington Post has a story by Tim Craig "Wuerl Ups Opposition To Gay Marriage: D.C. Archbishop Mobilizes Priests", link here. I guess we all are familiar with the Vatican's moral theories about "openness to taking on the responsibilities and risks of procreation", which priests, cardinals and the Pope himself want to avoid.

Update Sept. 3

The DC Examiner has an op-ed on p. 22 by Marcel Dupree, "District residents have no voice in gay marriage", link here. The commentary plays up the "home rule" issue for the District of Columbia.

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