Saturday, September 05, 2009

HRC takes to the streets; TownDC makes partking an adventure

Yesterday (Friday Sept. 4), I saw, for the first time, Human Rights Campaign (HRC) volunteers, in blue shirts with the “=” sign, in an outdoor public venue, around the Ballston area in Arlington, raising support for gay equality. I don’t recall seeing a group raising support before outside of an urban or resort neighborhood generally regarded in real estate terms as “gay”.

Like SLDN, HRC holds annual dinner fundraising events in most cities. The 13th Annual HRC dinner is in Washington Oct. 10, link here.

Last night the Town DC had a pretty active crowd, despite the holiday weekend. However, the main parking lot next to the club was already full at 10:15 despite the fact that at the time there were relatively few customers in the club (which would start filling around 11 during the drag show. However, the Club directed patrons across Florida Avenue (with its cross traffic) to another empty lot, where cars could be tucked away. If you look at Google Maps, you’ll find that Florida Ave meanders through that area of Washington DC with a stop-and-go course.

The show, which started around 10:30, was pretty much like others; it’s time for some new ideas.

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