Thursday, November 19, 2009

DC group will sue DC Council over denying gay marriage referendum

Well, it's back to the grind on reporting the usual LGBT political issues.

Tim Craig and Keith L. Alexander have an important story in the Washington Post Nov. 19, “Gay-marriage opponents sue to force referendum: Congress members grill D.C. officials on decision to block ballot initiative”, link here. The City Council maintains that a referendum would violate Washington DC’s Human Rights Act. But gay marriage opponents plan to sue to overturn the City Council’s ruling to deny a referendum.

Republican congressmen seem to be trying to mix up the gay marriage vote issue with the long controversial Home Rule and more recently DC statehood issue, with racial overtones, which may be less important now than they were a few decades ago. Nevertheless, African American pastors in the District and nearby suburbs (like Bishop Harry Jackson) on the theory that the nuclear family, as previously “understood”, is very important for socialization especially in the African American community. This isn’t just a matter of equality for gay couples; it affects how people not in martial relationships at all are treated, when expected to sacrifice for other family members.

The “Washington Blade” in its last issue (before becoming “DC Agenda”) had reported that the DC Council would vote on gay marriage December 1.

At the same time, Joe Davidson’s Federal Diary reports on progress in a bill to extend benefits to same –sex domestic partners of federal employees, here.

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