Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Gay marriage loses in ME; MI and WA returns appear good; VA elects two anti-gay GOP candidates to state office

Tuesday, Nov. 3 was not a particularly rewarding day for equal rights for gays. In Maine, voters passed Proposition 1 to nullify the state’s law permitting gay marriage. The AP story appears on the Washington Blade here. Actually, project Maine Equality raised more money than did opponents of gay marriage.

Kalamazoo MI voters approved a law protecting LGBT people from discrimination in most areas.

However, in Washington State it appears that Referendum 71, giving domestic partnerships “everything but marriage” was probably going to pass; Seattle Times story here. (Lormet Turnbull, Janet I. Tu, Susan Kelleher authors). We’ll have to check back on this one.

In Virginia, voters swept in GOP candidates Bob McDonnell for governor and Ken Cuccinelli for state attorney general. McDonnell is controversial for having written in a thesis twenty years ago that women who work outside the home undermine the family, and Cuccinelli, as the Washington Post pointed out, views homosexuality as against “natural law”, that is, both candidates look at homosexuality in existential as well as religious terms. Cuccinelli even hinted at a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy for officials in his department (Oliver North once said that in the 1990s about his own employees on his radio talk show); but he can surf the Internet as well as anyone for applicants.

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