Monday, November 09, 2009

Would legalizing gay marriage prevent gay men from trying straight marriages?

Theresa Vargas has an interesting perspective on gay marriage in the Sunday Nov. 8 Washington Post, “A quiet voice for gay marriage: legalization could avert doomed relationships, straight ex-spouses say”, link here.

The anecdotes here may be exemplified or exaggerated by the story of former New Jersey governor Jim McGreevey, who wrote up his own experience in a book named “The Confession” (2006), while his ex-wife wrote “Silent Partner: A Memoir of My Marriage” (2007).

ABC 20/20 had a story about three years ago to the effect that “this is happening to millions”. But back around 2003, before the Massachusetts decision in 2004, some commentators opposed both gay marriage and civil unions so that “existing marriages [with gay spouses] had a chance,” as if legalization would encourage the breakup of existing marriages.

Of course, one is left with the debate: often gay men have children in traditional marriages, for whom they remain responsible after divorce. But some people believe that everybody has a moral duty to have children if possible! Look at the Philip Longman crowd!

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