Friday, December 04, 2009

Democratic Reps want to grant gay soldiers immunity if they testify in Congress about DADT

Again, two days after The Washington Times announced its major downsizing, it has a major story, from Stephen Dinan, “Dems want temporary ‘don’t ask’ immunity”, a top-headline in the Friday print edition, link here. The headline caught my eye today as the last paper in a hospital newsstand caught my eye as I left after scheduling my own minor surgery next week.

Alcee L. Hastings, D-FL, introduced as bill in the House to grant immunity (at least for a specified time) from the provisions of the 1993 “don’t ask don’t tell” law to gay soldiers and sailors who testify on the policy before Congress. The Senate Armed Services Committee has postponed hearings on the matter until 2010, particularly after the Fort Hood tragedy (that’s ironic, as the military did not respond to warning signs about a member of its own venturing into radical Islam). The Committee, under Sam Nunn, pursued vigorous and sometimes vindictive hearings in 1993 (Nunn: “if you have stated your status, you have described your conduct”).

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