Thursday, December 10, 2009

Marriage progress in New Jersey; shame on the DC archdiocese for taking political hostages

The New York Times has an important editorial “Uphill Toward Equality” (which sounds like a paraphrase of a Robert Bork book title that we need not repeat) about the New Jersey gay marriage vote, web link URL here. As so often, the voting seems all too partisan, with little attention to principles.

The Washington Post Metro columnist has a stinging article about the Catholic Archdiocese by Robert McCartney, “wedded to anti-gay stand on marriage”, link. The writer says that this is a matter of “principle” for the Church, but the practical effect is to deny services to the poor. This is a well known tactic of the Left: take political hostages.

As it is, the Church will have to make a pragmatic peace, inasmuch as it has almost no requests for same-sex benefits anway, as DC goes thorugh its Congressional waiting period.

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