Friday, December 04, 2009

Mexican cardinal makes negative comments about LGBT people and afterlife

A Mexican Roman Catholic Cardinal Javier Barragan has said that gays and transsexuals cannot go to Heaven for essentially metaphysical or existential reasons, in a statement reportedly rebuked by the Vatican itself. Is it up to him to decide where people go at the end of eartlhty life? Apparently he thinks so. The story appeared in Reuters, link here. His remarks may have been fueled by the continuing controversy over gay marriage.

Barragan denies that the question of "choice" or "fault" (or immutability) matters. He claims that homosexuals have “not developed their identity during adolescence” and that they have violated St. Paul’s teachings by “going against the dignity of the body”.

Barragan reportedly put the statements on a conservative Catholic website in Italian called "Pontifex". That site is here, but I could not find the article. The Vatican does not consider opinions expressed there as (necessarily) official Church teachings.

However the news article goes on to discuss the Catechism of the Catholic Church which now says many people “have innate homosexual tendencies” and “should not be subject to discrimination.” The article claims that the Catholic Church distinguishes between homosexual orientation and homosexual acts in its official statements (rather like the US military).

Some Vatican statements from back in the 1980s (the “objective disorder” fiasco) seem to be concerned that everyone share in the “risk” or procreation (except, of course, “celibate” priests and nuns).

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