Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Eve at Town DC; ABC soap has big gay scene

OK, this New Years Eve I did Town DC (in the Shaw section of Washington DC). The crowd really thickened around 11 PM and the upstairs filled up. The countdown screen marked down to the end of the 00 decade (with all the horrors bookending the decade). Downstairs the multimedia screen showed – you guessed it – Anderson Cooper on CNN.

But the Town had its share of its celebrities tonight – without the usual drag show. Thankfully, the morning’s ice storm was small, as this week the low pressure system stayed close. Had it tracked 100 miles further East, we would have repeated the 16 inches of snow that closed everything (including the discos) two weeks ago.

Also, on Dec. 30, “One Life to Live” (2 PM EST on ABC) aired a gay love scene, with a slow motion version from YouTube here. Since ABC owns it and didn’t supply the video, I don’t think it’s legit for me to embed it here. Note the order in which both men "get it"; it's the reverse of the usual.

The soap is rather interesting, with actor Michael Easton, and with a couple of characters transported from “Days of our Lives” (Mimi), and a subplot a few years back about a female mystery novelist whose stories get acted out in “real life” after her book is published (or perhaps posted on the Internet). I guess there’s a lesson here.

Note: Metro runs until 2 AM tonight Dec 31; on New Years Day, it runs only until 2 AM instead of 3 AM, as usual for a Friday.

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