Thursday, January 28, 2010

LLDEF challenges idea that saying a professional athlete is gay, is defamatory

Lambda Legal has sent a letter to the Parks Law Firm in Georgia asking it to reconsider its cease-and-desist letters sent to owners of several websites maintaining that a particular NFL football player had a sexual relationship with another male. LLDEF maintains that claiming that this is “defamation” (even if false) would be demeaning to LGBT people, especially in light of Lawrence v. Texas (2003).

The pdf for the letter is here.

If someone were in the US Armed Forces, such a published statement (alleging "homosexual conduct"), if false, could lead to defamation claims until “don’t ask don’t tell” is repealed.

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Whatsup said...

I completely agree, it seems like everyone is offended when it deals directly with then. I must say I have met man a gay service member and their sexuality has never seemed to keep them from doing their job as a Soldier, I live in Okc and hang out on manhunt sometimes and with a air-force base here, I speak to at least one gay airman a night. WOW, so it exist better to let it exist openly. check out my profile and all my blogs at