Tuesday, February 02, 2010

JCS Chief stuns Senate Armed Services Committee: repeal don't ask don't tell

The hearings in the Senate Armed Services Committee, the JCS chief Mike Mullen said it is time to scrap don’t ask don’t tell. “Men and women lie about who they are to defend their fellow citizens,” and seemed to suggest that the need to repeal the ban is the “worst kept secret in the military.” Gates said it could take two years to make the change. He said he had served with gays in 1968 (when I was in Basic). John McCain accused Gates of playing politics. 69% of the public agrees that gays and lesbians should be able to serve.

NBC Nightly News made a comparison to Truman's integrating the military in 1948 (covered in the HBO film "Truman" in 1996 with Gary Sinese).

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Larry King Live will report on the DADT hearings before the Senate Armed Services Committee at 9 PM EST Tuesday Feb 2 on CNN.

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