Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Media covers subteties of Senate Armed Services Committee debate on DADT; LCR claims credit

The New York Times has a lot of coverage today about the military gay ban hearings Tuesday (I’m glad they haven’t started their 2011 charging policy yet), with an op-ed column by Maureen Dowd, “Defending the Long Gay Line” (perturbing the name of a 1955 movie “The Long Gray Line” about West Point and the introduction of the forward pass in football). The link for the column is here.

Ezra Klein takes up John McCain’s recalcitrance here in the Washington Post in his blog. Ironically, Log Cabin Republicans are taking credit for putting a lot of public pressure on Congress and the administration, with the only active court case right now, in its Feb. 1 statement, here.

The major news stories have covered other aspects of lifting the ban, such as the possibility of same-sex partner benefits in states that recognize same-sex marriage. There is also a proposal from Carl Levin (D-MI) to order suspension of discharges under the law, with a rider on this year’s Defense Authorization Bill. There is also the likelihood that Gates can order suspension of discharges based only on unsolicited information from third parties or found by happenstance, as on the Internet. Gates has expressed interest in reviewing the detailed recommendations in the 1993 Rand Study ordered by the Clinton Administration, but not implemented. Some supporters of DADT point to the "findings" in the 1993 law and claim that these have not changed.

The Washington Times, as usual, has its ice water jug, in its begrudging story by Sara Carter, “Gates to Hill: Pentagon to Ease Gay Ban: Both sides unhappy with plan,” link here.

Colin Powell, who has supported DADT and in 1993 made a meager threat to resign of Clinton's first plan to lift the ban, came out (no pun) today in favor of ending DADT.

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