Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Controversy over gay rights at colleges in Virginia continiues; first same-sex marriages to be performed in Washington DC

The political controversy in Virginia over “equal rights for gays” at state colleges and universities continued this week with an uproar over Cuccinelli’s Opinion, reported here Saturday. On Tuesday March 9, in the Metro Section, Rosalind S. Helderman and now Daniel De Vise have an article “Students rise up for gay rights; Campuses irate at Cuccinelli; Va. Schools were told to back off protection rules,” on the Metro front page of The Washington Post, link here.

Students in Virginia were reported as putting Spring Break on hold – although there has been a movement in recent years to turn the Break into a service period anyway.

The governor has been hinting that he would include sexual orientation protection in all state employment areas if the legislature will take the initiative.

However, Virginia colleges and universities have been thought of as autonomous as to personnel matters with respect to the state.

There were demonstrations at many campuses, including Va Tech and William and Mary.

There is a blog post at the William and Mary Gay and Lesbian Alumni blog, “W&M Pressured to Return to Discrimination?” link here.

William and Mary has a Lesbian & Gay Law Association here.

Also, station WJLA reports that the first same-sex marriage will occur today in the District of Columbia.

Update: March 10

The Washington Post has an editorial "In Virginia, legalized discrimination is alive and well", link here. And in the Letters to the Editor, a junior at UVA writes that his admission essay was about coming out as a gay teen, and that he would not have attended had the university not enforced a non-discrimination policy, which according to the attorney general is "illegal." Sounds like the Solomon Amendment, doesn't it. The psychological net cast by "don't ask don't tell" is wide indeeed.

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