Thursday, March 18, 2010

DC has DADT demonstration today; Dan Choi arrested in front of White House

Both station WJLA (ABC) in Washington, and both Fox and CBS News report that Lt. Dam Choi was arrested today in a peaceful demonstration against “don’t ask don’t tell” where he chained himself to the White House fence. This is the first case I know of where a “litigant” against the DADT set himself or herself up to be arrested in a civilian protest.

The WJLA story is by Erin Gibson, with the title "Protesters Ask for End to Military's Policy on Homosexuality", link here.

The Fox news story is here and has the curious URL of “whitehouse.blogs” in front of the name, as if to mock the White House Blog!

There was a demonstration for repealing DADT Freedom Plaza on Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC today. I hate to admit that I didn’t learn about it in time to go!

The CBS news story is here.

There was more testimony today before the Senate House Armed Services Committee, by retired General John Sheehan. who said "you are a soldier first" -- but that can be taken both ways. The media played back some testimony that the policy should be left in place while soldiers are deployed to a major war, yet it is during deployments that discharges under the policy are much less common.

Update: March 19

The ACLU Legislative Office has an account of the Senate hearing March 18 by Ian Thompson, "DADT Hearing — A Study of Contrasts", link here.

But the Friday "weekend" $1.00 Washington Times, p. A10, on Mar. 19 ran this story from the AP by Pauline Jelinek, "Ex-general links gays in army to genocide", link here. Sheehan claimed "Dutch troops failed to defend against the 1995 genocide in the Bosnian war because the army was weakened", but Senator Carl Levin (D-MI), known as a hawk against terrorism and as having proposed resuming the draft after 9/11, said Sheehan's remarks were way out of line.

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