Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gates puts in more safeguards in the procedures under "don't ask don't tell" while Congressional debate continues

From Bill on GLBT issues
Defense Secretary Robert Gates announced this morning (Thursday March 25) that he would put in more administrative safeguards in the discharge process for gays under “don’t ask don’t tell” while Congress debates the issue and considers repeal. The story on MSNBC is here. Each case will be reviewed by a larger number of field grade officers. Gates, a Republican (appointed by president George W. Bush and continuing in office under Obama), said that doing so was a matter of “common sense and common decency.”

Apparently Gates will focus particularly on "witch-hunt" situations where a servicemember is "outed" by a third party. His changes will not help someone like Dan Choi, who voluntarily outed himself.

The story was carried late Thursday morning on the NBC "Today" show extended.

Update: March 28

Time Magazine has an article by Mark Thompson "Enforcing 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell': Don't Bother", link here, indicating that Gates's actions will blunt some of the more vocal naysayers.

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