Saturday, March 13, 2010

MS school district cancels senior prom rather than let lesbian bring her own partner

The Itawamba County School District in Fulton, Mississippi canceled its senior prom for all students at Itawamba Agricultural High School after receiving a letter demanding that the school allow a female student Constance McMillen attend with a female partner. Even if the female students arrived separately but danced together, they would be ejected. The ACLU has filed a case in federal court asking the school district to reinstate the prom for everyone, story (about the "Straights only prom" here. Somehow the name of the story reminds me of a Houston TX political slate in the late 1980s called "the Straight Slate".

Young people are often taught, under authoritarian circumstances, that all people in a group can suffer the consequences of the actions of just one. This is a common concept in the military (and necessary there), but is sometimes taught as a social concept in classrooms – I remember that from my own grade school days. How would high school students react to this? Of course, the logical answer is that the school board could allow the prom to continue and allow same-sex partners, even if very much in a numerical minority.

I didn't even try to go to the prom my own senior year (1961)!

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