Thursday, March 11, 2010

VA governor issues directive prohibiting sexual orientation discrimination, as a result of media and blogosphere storm

After a groundswell of protests from earlier directives from Va. Gov Bob McDonnell and especially Commonwealth Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli , Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell issued a directive including sexual orientation discrimination protection in all state jobs, including colleges.

The story is by Rosalind S. Heldeman on the from Metro Section page of the Washington Post, Thursday March 11, 2009, link here.

McDonnell’s directive is worded in language that says that personnel actions can be based only on job performance and conduct. Presumably the same is true for students.

This would not necessarily apply to teachers (and substitutes), who are employees of school districts, who would still need protection from state legislature. There are some potential serious issues here, as I have developed on my main blog.

The Richmond Times Dispatch has a story "McDonnell counters Cuccinelli’s advice on gays", by Jeff E. Schapiro and Olympia Meola, link here.

I found that Equality Virginia had provided a link to a PDF of Cuccinelli's letter here on Motley Media Accounts.

Delegate David Englin from Arlington (D) issued a statement on his website, here.

The major ABC news story on the anti-gay bill in Uganda is covered today on the "Bill on International Issues" blog (navigate through Blogger Profile). I disucssed DC Agenda's coverage on Nov. 30, 2009 here.

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