Monday, April 05, 2010

DC area gay paper gumshoes research that man arrested for Internet threats is gay

Maybe today is a day for “cold water” postings, but I wanted to note that Metro Weekly  (DC area gay paper, not connected to the DC Agenda / aka Blade) posted a story March 29 by Chris Geidner pointing to research on “liberal websites” (especially the Huffington Post) that Norman Leboon, being charged with threats against Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) , is “gay”. The comments and YouTube videos may have been provoked partly by the health care debate and partly by the flap over gay rights for state employees in Virginia recently.

The investigation of the e-trail of postings (and of taken down sites and videos) reported here is itself a pretty good example of “devils advocate” gumshoeing. It’s all pretty unfortunate.

The Metro Weekly link is here.

Update: April 12

Multiple media sources indicate that Leboon is being treated at a prison hospital for multiple personality disorder until he would be competent to stand trial. So I don't know how "on the mark" Metro's investigation is now.

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