Sunday, June 20, 2010

Baltimore Pride Festival on sacred "Celtic" Druid grounds

My weekend road trip to Baltimore concluded with a visit to the Pride Festival in Druid Hill Park off I-83 in the NW section of the City.

The overflow parking had us directed to “grassy knoll” lots underneath cell phone towers that anticipated Stephen King’s “Langoliers”, and the setting reminds one that Baltimore has the look of a very different city. The view looked out over a bizarre lake with various "Celtic" fortifications, one of which reminds me of “The Tower of Ned” in one of my screenplays.

The event was smaller than DC’s Sunday event (although, as I said, the Block Party Saturday was much larger, so the two cities seem to have split the doubleheader). Most of it was along two long paths, with a drag stage and a separate entertainment stage before one paid the $3 to enter.

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